Published On: Mon, Mar 27th, 2017

I filmed in WoW and I think I made the sickest play ever

I used to back in vanilla get that sense of immense pride and achievement any time I got through the loading screen for Deeprun and saw the tram about to depart and then punched Dash just quick enough to leap on the last car. Those little moments sometimes felt as significant as first kills during progression.

Reminds me of a time when I first started. I had some sort of a pirate quest, accidentally jumped off the boat, after dieing to fatigue 3 times I just revived at the spirit healer. I then go there by boat, and there’s just ocean. No island, just a quest marker that doesn’t mark anything.

I was doing Escape from Durnholde with some friends back when it was new, and our tank and healer left because we wiped on a pull. we spent probably 45 minutes waiting for new ones, mostly because we got distracted exploring the areas of the instance that weren’t populated. we found this cool area you could drop down into that was just weird trenches and geometry. they both had slow falls. I jumped at the wrong place and didn’t quite make it, but my ping let me ‘jump’ after i died from fall damage, and i managed to fall perfectly into range to be ressed down there

When you jump on a plane do you go flying backwards? This is how you are staying still on a giant rotating ball moving at an incredible speed around the sun.

If you’re thinking of air resistance, obviously WoW doesn’t account for that. My point is that you jump on any given object and you should follow it as it moves, I was questioning why that doesn’t happen here. Perhaps it stopped being considered on the object after reaching out of the bounding box or something.

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