Published On: Sat, Mar 25th, 2017

Is this a botting – ClashOfClans

Its obviously a bot because only a bot drops exactly half the original amount of archers in the first wave with equal split between each of the four sides. Then half the total barbs with equal numbers on each side. Then it drops the other half of barb and archers in the same way.

Its too exact to be done by hand. You can drop troops this fast using multi touch, but not exactly half in each wave and divide it equally along each side with perfect spacing.

The uniformity and general placement of all the troops. Very straight lines and no thought put into it. Also the speed of deployment and deploying archers at the exact same time as the clan castle. Someone botted me and placed both heroes at the exact same time.

You should always try to send in a ticket! I’ve been botted once and obviously I wanted my revenge because the attacker got a lot of loot from me but he also was always online. I’ve sent a ticket and got a respond after a few days that he’s been banned. Man, he had a lot in his collectors and his gold vaults were full.

I’ve come to value and appreciate this reddit community, however never been apart of a reddit clan, so I’m not sure how everything works. If I go to the official reddit clan system link on the right side of this page and read section 2 rules, I find this ” The use of any mod/hack is strictly prohibited. If you are found to be using any form of illegal gameplay you will be kicked from the clan, and could face a ban from the Reddit Clan System.”? So my question is, can this community actually kick this person? Or clan?

I was watching koopatroopas stream earlier today and I commented “there’s a video of riderkz attaing someone with a bot Attack on the homepage of reddit”. He chose not to read my comment purposefully and when I posted it the second time he even acknowledged it and said he doesn’t want me spamming and timed me out. Now I am a long time watcher of koopas stream, and I respect him as a person, but this seems somewhat suspicious. He shuts me up for exposing a botter… Idk what’s up with this and if they know about it, but I’d like to think after all the stuff they’ve done to prevent botting and modding that they wouldn’t allow someone to do so in their clan. Especially an elder

This is a blatant bot attack. It’s a total shame that someone inside RT would do this, because their old leader Rejuvyn resigned because of third party apps in Clash. I’d definitely loose respect for troopers if they don’t do something about him.


That’s the universal sign of botting. I’m honestly not certain why this is ever up for debate anymore. The speed and placement is so quick and uniform and exactly what the program does if you look at a video of how it deploys.

Not trying to come off as rude, but it’s frustrating to see the amount of people that think this could possibly be done legitimately.

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