Published On: Sat, Mar 25th, 2017

Pendulum Wave


That’d be cool, but the strings are not oriented right for that. Each string ties in twice along the length of the top piece. That’s so that each ball is stable and only swings side-to-side. The strings would have to be attached to the top piece perpendicular to its length in the case of a Newton Cradle, so they’d swing the length of the device instead of side-to-side.

The frequency of the first ball is 51 swings per minute, where a swing goes over and back. The frequency of the second is 52 swings per minute, and so on. The 15th ball swings 65 times in a minute.

The frequency is given by f=1/(2Pi)*Sqrt(g/L) L is the length of the string, g=9.81 (m/s2), f is in seconds

You can solve for L in each situation, given the desired frequency.

I love nightmares lol one of my favorite OTA episodes. I’ve never seemed to have actually had a ‘bad trip’ so far in the past year I’ve started tripping, and I’ve tripped close to 100+ times so far. I think it helps me face my fears because the lines of reality and emotion are so blurred.

There is no doubt in my mind that this sort of high-speed, loosely-associated recombination of visual and auditory information is perhaps the most characteristic effect of marijuana on thought processes.

I viewed this for the first time on my phone with submerging earphones in darkness. I had drank a bottle of robitusin to incite the efects of DXM with a bowl of pot. My younger sibilings viewed another pschedelic episode of American Dad diagonaly from me as they conversated. I viewed so many dimensions

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