Published On: Mon, Mar 27th, 2017

The beauty of the Silver ranks.

In fairness, I have definitely found that the more targets there are the less likely I am to be able to hit one.

Your brain just doesn’t instantly choose a target and track and shoot it without you thinking like you can vs 1, there’s all this conflicting information of “do I shoot guy A because he seems to be moving easiest to hit, but guy B looks like he’s actually shooting at me, and guy C is probably going to kill my teammate etc.”

I’m not saying this guy doesn’t suck with the awp, I don’t think anyone could make that argument, I just don’t think it necessarily follows that more targets = more likely to kill someone.

I’m taking my time and slowly learning the game, trying to be disciplined and getting the fundamentals down. One thing that annoys me is that playing properly can sometimes get you killed at this level, if you know what I mean… Since people will do things so stupid that you won’t expect them. Seems like working my way to proper game sense and decent aiming skills will be my ticket out of silver.

I don’t stress too much over it, though. Dota 2 is my main competitive game, one that I’ve already sunk over 2000 hours into (and I’m still slightly below average at it), while I only have 167 in CSGO and just 56 competitive wins or so. I like CS and I decided to pick up CSGO since I used to have a lot of fun playing Source casually with friends in cyber cafes back in the day… But yeah, it’s not my top competitive priority and I sometimes spend a full week without playing a comp game. I really admire the game though and I love watching pro matches!

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