Published On: Sat, Mar 25th, 2017

Wings of Hope

Juliane Koepcke. Truly a badass girl. Her mother and father worked in the amazon doing scientific research and study. The father taught his daughter how to use basic tools and knowledge for survival in the amazon. Lessons that would go on to save her life after her plane would fall apart in mid-air. After her long decent from the atmosphere, she landed in the tree top canopies breaking her fall; preventing her from smashing straight into the ground, and cut her arm badly. The cut was so deep it eventually got infected. So, She tore her shirt to wrap the open wound. Using the skills her father taught her, she caught food, and forged for herself. Knowing that the amazon river flows down to the ocean, and that closer to the ocean there were people who could help her, she swam and floated her way down the Amazon river for MILES AND MILES avoiding massive snakes and other large aquatic animals that would have eaten her for lunch. She did this process of eating and floating down the amazon for DAYS. Until she came into a empty work loggers camp that was unoccupied for a couple of days. Needing to cleanse the cut she had sustained, because it had also had been nested by maggots eating at her dying and infected arm, remembering about what her father taught her about using petrol as a anti-bacterial, she used gasoline to douse her arm to kill the maggots and bacteria. She re-wrapped her wound and She sat there for two days until locals returning to work found her, and floated her downriver to a city hospital. Where they saved her arm, and her life. She stayed there recovering until representatives from the Peruvian government came and transported her home to her father. A 17 year old girl. Doing Special Forces level shit. All alone in the Amazon. I’m surprised it hasn’t been made into a movie by now.

Also, fun fact she holds a record of survival falling without a parachute at 2 miles from the time her plane broke apart in mid air to where she landed on the ground.

Edit: I understand it has been made into a movie, but not recently recreated in modern times where it could be Hacksaw Ridge level badass. Not some low budget cinema graphics.

It was off a platform that was part of an amusement ride. I managed the company’s local office, and got sent the piece of shit from head office. I protested the condition it was in, and refused to operate it until my engineer had looked at it.

We set it up, I climbed up the top, the engineer followed, and we were about to start removing a ladder so we could see what was underneath, as another guy was climbing up the other side, I felt it lurch. Then, it just coughed us off. We were set up on concrete and I thought I was gone.

Bear Grylls kinda pisses me off because if anyone followed his advice IRL it might kill them. He is obsessed with getting in water and unless you are in a tropical zone that is a really bad idea. Hypothermia is the #1 killer of people stranded in the wild. I’ve watched him waste a day building a crappy raft to try and take down a stream with BIG rocks in the mountains. Wasted valuable time, risked serious injury smashing a cheap raft against rocks and definitely would have been suffering hypothermia after nightfall. But makes for good TV. I think his show would be a lot better if he was showing you what not to do and the reason why..

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